I'm faiirychild, nice to meet you!

You can call me Zo or Faiiry, I am an independent digital painter and high fantasy illustrator who enjoys foliage and fae folk. This page is still under revisions as well as the website, it will be refined in the future, but for now please enjoy!

status Selective

Commissions are semi-closed, all standard commission requests are available as well as freelance work but only through inquiry and personal approval. Once my workload is full I will postpone any further requests, thank you!


I offer 3 kinds of painterly commissions on the regular; as well as emotes, graphic design, twitch graphics, and character designs. If you know what to get, click ready. For more information about terms of service click learn more


Donations are not necessary but they are always appreciated, Ive been saving up for art school and a streaming setup, So thanks for the support if you happen to donate


If you are thinking of collaborating with me for a twitch partner, freelance project, or have a small question or concern, feel free to email me through the contact page


If you want to see all of my art, I post most often on social media. however If you'd like to see my commissioned works, feel free to check out the gallery page