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I have 4 types of commissions all in a full painterly style:

Headshot for $45 only 1 character
Halfbody for $70 only 1 character
Fullbody for $85  extra character +$65
Fullbody with Background for $200+ closed

Complex designs can cost up to +$30 extra

Twitch emotes  $45 per  selective
Character design $100  closed
Graphic design $50+  closed
Reference sheet $100+ (TBD) 
Other work  ask through contact

Please check my Terms of Service before ordering. Prices may go up depending on the complexity of the commission and design of characters. Requesting extra characters will cost extra. I do not offer sketched/flat colors/lineart commissions, just painted. If your commission does not fall under these types, then please select the “Other” option and i will contact you so we can discuss in more depth.


    Small things like adding text, pets, glasses, jewelry, and objects do not cost an additional price. However If you request something specific, then I can provide two versions. For example: one image with glasses on, one image with glasses off, I am able to do that and will do it by default, if you have any additional files to request please let me know.

    ceo of cute girls PT 2