terms of service
  1. All payment is done through my website
  2. All requests for commissions would be preferred to have a mini description of what kind of pose, background, and possible size the commission should have.
  3. Payments are always first, once you receive the link to pay, please do!
  4. If you do not pay first in the span of 5 days I will not count your commission. if you would like to send me an email back for payment conformation feel free. If you are having financial troubles please let me know. 
  5. I am willing to make small revisions after commissions are complete.
  6. I will not accept any requests for NSFW media, any request sent like it will be disregarded and ignored.
  7. Do not repost my art without credit, simply tagging me on the platform or crediting with my username/website is fine with permission but If you share it, post the watermarked version, this goes for all paid customers.
  8. I will draw most human, animal, and mechanized like figures, as well as semi-detailed armor.
  9. Reselling my art as digital sales, physical merchandise, or any other form is strictly prohibited 

what are commissions

Commissions are sometimes called custom art, payed work, or a commissioned piece. but the overall definition in this setting is to:  

“Give an order for or authorize the production of (something such as a building, piece of equipment, or work of art).”

 In other words, artwork purchased for your personal use. This does not permit you repost it without credit, claim it as your own, resell it, or anything that would be disrespectful/infringes on the copyright of the original artwork. Different artists have different criteria surrounding their artwork and it is important to respect the artist’s rules, criteria, and media management.